Song Mixer

Song Mixer 3.7

Audio manager with mixing capabilities
Organizes your music collection, syncs your audio files, and rips tunes from CDs and DVDs. Creates mixes from multiple songs, based on the mood setting that you chose.

Song Mixer will let you manage music files by creating one or multiple libraries. The user interface is moderately easy to use and, in my opinion, unattractive. It uses too many colors and if there is some kind of color convention, I do not get it. In addition, I do not think the developers have made the right choice of fonts and icons. All this produces a rather unprofessional look.
The application’s main advantage is related to its capacity of managing one or more libraries. What is more, you can add a wide range of file types from different sources, including hard drives, CDs, DVDs, mapped drives and USB devices.
The specific feature that gives name to this software application is its capacity to mix songs using different criteria. In this regard, you can create a random list to burn onto a disc or to send to an MP3 player. Another option, called “mood ring” will let you select the genres that you would like to include in your list. Additionally, you can also select songs on the basis of their ranking or how frequently you listen to them. You will also be able to rip audio CDs. This function will let you transfer files directly from a disc to an mp3 player or create new CDs avoiding the encoding process to keep the original quality. Furthermore, it will let you synchronize lists with your portable music devices. In this respect, it includes a function that helps you avoid the limitations present in some devices as to the order in which you want to listen to your files. Song Mixer is also able to create HTML song lists, including all the files in a library.

Pedro Castro
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  • It manages more than one music library
  • It copies music from one CD onto another
  • It creates HTML song lists
  • It has powerful randomization capabilities


  • The interface is unattractive
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